About That Thumb Blister…

Very, very bad says my instructor. I should not have a blister on my right thumbprint area if my grip is where it should be. I’m not sure why I started putting my thumb flush against the grip of the club – I think because it seemed to add stability to my wrists. I felt like I was hitting the ball more solidly, but I also had a death grip on the club, hence the blister. So now I know… just a small part of the edge of the right thumb should be touching the grip. I have adjusted my grip accordingly and the results haven’t been half bad.


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2 Responses to “About That Thumb Blister…”

  1. IPv6Freely Says:

    Hmm.. I actually got a blister on the thumbprint area of BOTH thumbs after hitting 3 buckets at the range one day…. so you’re saying that shouldn’t happen?

  2. golf ball nerd Says:

    im wondering the same thing i get blisters alll the time i didnt think i was doing anything wrong until now since you say we shouldnt get them

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