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Fatal Car Chase Ends at Columbia Golf Course

August 4, 2008

I usually like to keep this blog more on the lighthearted side, but thought I would relate a brush with a not-so-lighthearted incident that made the local news this weekend. My friends and I were playing Columbia Golf Course in Northeast Minneapolis on Friday afternoon when we encountered the smoldering wreckage of a truck crash just outside the fence at Hole 5. Fire trucks were on the scene and the police were taping off the section of the course just behind the green. Later we learned that this was the scene of an unfortunate crash that left two dead after a police chase. I haven’t seen any news stories that specifically mention Columbia Golf Course as the site of the accident. Here are links to the local news stories:

Two die in car crash in Minneapolis while trying to flee cops

Identities of men who died after fleeing police released


Why They Require Collared Shirts on the Golf Course (Halfshirt Man)

August 4, 2008 I saw a guy on the golf course who looked a lot like this. This is the closest approximation I could find on the web, excluding the mullet and beer can. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes… is that guy on the 10th tee really wearing a half-shirt? And is it really shredded and could he pass for the Unabomber from the neck up? Yes, yes, and yes. The half-shirt did not seem to be a joke. How he got on the course, I’m not sure, but he was a spectacle.

And then today we had Muscleshirt Man. Unfortunately I got a real picture of this one. He, if no one else, was definitely impressed with himself… If these guys can pull this business off, why can’t a girl wear a tank top to stave off a farmer’s tan?